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January 21, 2008

visit Köln

visit köln
visit tanja, she is gonna be a worldtripper!! and going back to Ecuador (ufff Que chevere, es un monton de cheveraso)
Well tanja, im so jealous, enjoy and send me a message once and a while!

January 15, 2008

how peaceful it was

how wierd it is, thinking of our trip to Kenia,
It's only a month ago but it seems already long time ago.
Things are changing- faster then you can imagine..
We did beachwalks, did some tours with our bikes, went to Mombasa with the matatu and went for a safari....
but what are words- the images tell it all..

December 16, 2007

locas en kenia!!

yes, this was kenia too...

November 25, 2007


the story continues..
after the muisje exploration we are going to discover the world!
so the muijse team will go for Keeniiaaa
animalisch cool-
*im so excited*

Muijse kroegentocht * the result*


gipsy-kingzz and queenzz

(vn links nr rechts- zigeuner rien, waarzegster maartje, zigeuner wouter, zigeuner mieke, zigeuneres sarah, zigeuner tom)

marcel die aant scharten is (ichie ichie)

marcel en georges op de rommelmarkt (in the" vintage store")

café numero1: de liberty- oftewel 'bij greta'

café numero 2: café de muide oftewel "den hoek"

tell me, wasn't it great?

well i loved it, memorable..

dear gipsies, you wore the best

November 24, 2007

Muijse kroegentocht

concert of Rihanna

So i went to her concert,
UMBRELLA -ella ella -è-è
PLease don't stop the music
and all the other hits came out of the speakers...



** BM **
Bernard Masart ** bubbles** golden bubbles
****Buy me diamonds and robies****
(Sofie and I)
(Sofie and I flirting with empty bubbles)
( Amélie en Schalck)
(we, flirting with tha camera)


some weekend in september,
sunny day
a bit too early (so amme and i wore a bit late)
fresh bread from the bakery
a forest in Brussels
some bikes.. and we wore off!!
Result a perfect holidayday and 'immer' immer' relaxing

September 09, 2007


middle of august- it supposed to be hot- but it wasn't..hmm

so i went to visit MARCIA, in Mallorca, si palma de mallorca, a supposed to be spanish island but

full of englishmen and germans

but i cant complain, these days wore great, hot, relaxing, sunny, joyfull, interesting, with good JAMON and well. more good jamon

September 05, 2007


we went to zeverrrock, fabulous- although i dont remember everything..hmmm

we slept in the car- yes "marginal" but we got breakfast delivered!! dont ask, but it was great. Afterwurths we went to my parentes place for some dinner and cake and walking!!